Q & A

Q: Is there a truly 5D movie that is made from scratch to finish a 5D movie?

A: Yes, Naming Leonardo. Produced by 3Dmovies.com nl3dmovies.com

Q: What are 5D/7D movies? How is the experience?

A: It has to do with the level of realism.

2D = regular movies, a flat image on a flat screen.
3D = 2D movie with 3D glasses giving the illusion of depth.
4D = 3D plus motion chair.
5D = 4D plus other physical effects like wind, water spraying at you to imitate rain, etc. (note that there are few 4D movies, because once they add motion, they usually add the other stuff)
6D means 5D plus an “interaction gun” that allows you to control some of the movie
7D means “really awesome 5D” or “really awesome 6D” (i.e., it’s hype).

Note: many commercial operators use these terms loosely; you might see something advertised as 7D when it is in fact only 5D.

Q: What would a 5D object look like?

A: Very cool, let me explain:

1 Dimension – an infinitely thin line

2 Dimensions – a square

3 Dimensions – a cube

A slice of a 3D cube is a 2D square

A slice of a 2D square is a 1D line

Therefore, a slice of a cube with Duration (Spacetime) is a 3D cube.

To go one further…

What is Spacetime (4D) a slice of?

The answer (5D-the FIFTH Dimension) is an almost limitless collection of Realities.

A multiverse.

Beyond 5D – whatever a Multiverse is a slice of – is beyond human comprehension. String Theory and other such calculations suggest there are at least 10 dimensions.

Q: What is 11D, 2D, 3D, 4D and 5D in movies?

A: 1D is just like a “.” , It’s a Straight line towards your direction but since its 1 Directional, the thing you’ll able to see is It’s thickness.

2D in screens are Flat image. But unlike 1D, 2D or 2 Directional shows information of Length, Width and Height. In 3D or 3 Directional.

These are Images on screen that shows information of Depth and all sides are Existing with information of Length, Width and Height Unlike 2D image that has nothing on the other side or the back of its Image.( Imagine looking at the back of a paper with drawing on its front side ). just like in reality. When you’re holding a Cup, you can see all of its Sides by rotating it. In 4D or 4 Directional on screens, these includes you to the motion of what’s happening on the scene and a factor of robotics/Pneumatics.

Example: The scene is showing earthquake and you feel the same earthquake too on the scene since your seat has Hydraulics to manifest Earthquake feeling. In 5D is a factor of Real Sounds and Smell.

Q: Difference 3D / 5D?

A: Scientifically, we clearly understand the 1st, 2nd, 3rd dimensions… we somewhat understand the 4th dimension mathematically and theoretically (Einstein got it wrong, it was not “time”)… the 5th dimension we do not comprehend and it is purely hypothetical.

Now, since this question was classified under “spirituality” that requires a different perspective from Theoretical Physics. For one, the terminology is different. The first 3 dimensions remain the same, but the 4th and 5th refer to spiritual planes, namely the Ether and the Astral. Clairvoyant ability is necessary to better understand the nature of these planes.

Basically, the 4th dimension of Ether is an invisible fluid which surrounds the 3rd dimension composed of beings which are generally invisible to us and semi-material. Examples might be Fae, Djinn, ghosts.

The 5th dimension of the Astral coincides with the Oneric realm of lucid dreams and is more of thought than matter. Spirits we classify as “angelic or demonic” are most active here, and can easily shift into the 4th dimension (where they are more clearly visible to clairvoyant sight) to more easily act upon the 3rd dimension.

This is a gross oversimplification which likely creates more questions than it answers, but I think it conveys the basic concept from a mystic perspective rather than a scientific one.

Q: What is 5D technology?

A: In Virtual Reality, the individual is immersed in the artificial experience by means of the goggles, ear phones, hand and feet sensors that bring him into the artificial world to feel that he or she is really experiencing this as an actor rather than as an observer.

In 5D technology, the virtual reality experience is sought to be expanded to include the community by, for example, activating the seats in a movie theater to send out vibrations, perfumes and so on to make the experience seem more real while the use of 3D goggles makes the play on the theater screen appear to be 3 Dimensional. Thus the entire experience becomes “5 dimensional”.

Please note that these are different ways of achieving the same thing. Of fooling the mind by hi jacking the senses into an alternate, artificial reality. The next logical convergence would be to merge 5D and VR and build theaters where each ticket purchaser sits on a 5d seat but uses VR goggles, ear muffs hand and feet sensors rather participate in the proceedings on the big screen through stereo goggles.

Terrific opportunity for application technologists and business men, but, I have my Luddite reservations about this progress in vicarious experience technology. Just as Mobile Phones have replaced both physical and intellectual pursuit of humans to some extent, Vicarious Experience Technology might turn mankind into Eloi while robots become Morlocks heralding the end of humanity through physical and intellectual atrophy.


Q: What are the differences from 1D to 5D?

A: There’s a hypothetical video series looking into this idea I think is called “The 10th Dimension” where he discusses how dimensions and expansions into our understanding slowly go from a single point in the 1st dimention into an entire, timeless, limitless “everything” in the 10th dimension.

I’ll give you the short of it.

Start with a point

A singular dot of space in the universe. 0th dimension.

Now you take multiple points going down the same direction, or a “line” as the kids call it.

It is ever expanding in a single direction. Therefore, it is in the 1st dimension.

But what happens if you take multiple lines doing in the same direction or space?

Then you will come across a “flat shape” that makes up a small amount of space in the 2nd dimension.

Then you take multiple shapes and stack them one after the other to form a new type of share.

An object of sorts in the 3rd dimension

But now we hit a wall of sorts. We as people are incapable of actually seeing anything further than the 3rd dimension, so the rest of this will be semi-hypothetical.

You take the next step forward and string multiple instances of a 3D object in space.

An object’s point in time constantly shifts and moves within the 4th dimension. Many people simply think the 4th dimension is time itself, but to each their own.

Now for the 5th dimension…

It is veeeery hard to imagine what the 5th dimension would look like. What the video series suggests is that it is many variations of the timelines we see in the 4th dimension. So in one timeline, you could have passed that history test, but in another you could’ve bombed it royally. We humans in our confined spaces in the cosmos can only see the world from a 3rd dimensional viewpoint while living in a 4 dimensional world bound by a timeline.

What’s even crazier is that you could potentially keep doing this pattern of having a point, a line, a shape, and then a new form of object that makes up a new type of point in the grand scheme of things.

In short, from the 0th to the 10th:

a point-


A line-


A shape-


A 3d object or point-


A timeline-


A string or shape of possible timelines-


Multiple timeline strings making up alternate worlds or universes-


Many alternate worlds making up a line of similar occurances in these worlds. Often called a “line space”-


Many line spaces strung together into a universal shape, with all possible variations or redesigns of our or other universes-


A long set of many universal shapes to form a new point that creates a central set of possible universes, line spaces, and timelines all combined into a single point or shape-


Everything that ever was, ever is, and ever can be possible, all wrapped into a singular, timeless, “everything”.


Q: What is a 5D world?

A: You can’t experience 5D through your physical senses, it’s beyond all of those. You cannot touch, taste, smell, hear or see 5D, and this is part of what makes even beginning to comprehend 5D so difficult.
Human beings are visually-oriented, which works just fine in the physical realm, but is actually kind of a hindrance when it comes to 5D.
5D cannot be understood with the limited mind, though 5D can be felt through Consciousness. The mind is restricted to 4D, it cannot go beyond because the mind itself is a 4D entity.
You also cannot have a memory of 5D, since memories are 4D constructs as well. You may have a memory of a transcendent experience, but the actual 5D connection is only truly felt in this Present Moment.
Any memory you have is a reflection of the experience.
So what is 5D? Well it’s not a “what” or a “where”, 5D is not a thing. 5D is beyond time and space, it transcends our entire idea oflinear thinking.
Love, the Transcendent and Unconditional Love, not the desire-based thing that many people call “love”, is how you connect with 5D. True Love is a deep, Heart-based connection, it’s a feeling of Oneness. This is the beginning of understanding 5D. There’s often talk about the difference between Being and doing, and 5D is simply Being.
5D isn’t known with the mind, it’s felt through the Soul. Less thinking and more Feeling. It’s when the mind is quiet that you can feel 5D, as the fifth dimension (as well as all the other ones) are never separate from you.
When you’re in that dimension, nothing is separate until there is the intention to create that. It’s like space and time is still until a consciousness creates the experience of time or forward motion. The fifth dimension is a realm of instant manifestation from the heart. There is no clouded ego, your intentions are clear for everyone to feel.

You create your reality – like we’re doing now, only it’s completely conscious. The understanding of the fundamental structure of reality is required to play in the higher playgrounds.
It’s a Connection you already have through your own Soul, and it’s through going deep within yourself that 5D is realized.
Through realization of your own Multi-Dimensional Nature, you can bring the Peace and stability of 5D into all aspects of your Life.